Wendy Dillard “The Entrepreneurial Mindset” on The Erica Glessing Show #2020


Wendy Dillard

The Entrepreneurial Mindset You see, failure is not bad. But, most of us were not trained to view a failed attempt as a step toward success. But it really is. So, I actually don’t think of the Facebook ad launch as a failure; I think if it as not yet achieving my target – which is really very different than actually failing. Shifting your mindset to re-frame how you view failed results is a huge step in setting your course for a successful business. Be prepared for failed attempts. Don’t focus on failure, but be prepared for it. Understand that a failed attempt will shine a spotlight on the things you hadn’t considered before, thus providing important information for you to make the necessary adjustments to move you toward success. There’s a big distinction here; so it’s important to note: a failed attempt does not make you a failure. Don’t take it personally. It’s not about you. It’s simply part of doing business. While other girls were playing with Dolls or their Easy-Bake ovens, I was playing “Office.”

I remember spending hours organizing office supplies while sitting at my roll-top desk. I loved having all of my supplies arranged neatly within my desk drawers with my pens, pencils, and stapler on top of my desk for quick access. Looking back, this may have been the first clue that I was born to run my own business. My first business was in my teen years when I was sewing for others. And as much as I enjoyed providing my sewing services to my customers, I had equal fun creating the invoices to receive payment for my services. Then with the advent of computers, I spent hours designing my own business cards, flyers and invoices for the miscellaneous businesses I had. And eventually, I even created a business offering my desk-top publishing skills! I’ve always had a small business of some kind. Some of those businesses turned out to be just hobbies because they never produced income (but were incredibly fun anyway). While going to college, I had a dressmaking business to help pay for my college tuition. When choosing a corporate job, I insisted it had to be in an industry that would lend itself to enhancing my skills to take back into my own business one day. So, my first real job was working as an order processor for a fashion designer. When I left that company, I was knowledgeable of the entire manufacturing process which is what gave me the confidence to start my Costume Manufacturing company many years later. I call that the ultimate hands-on training. I’ve also been fascinated by human psychology causing me to embark on a life-long journey of personal development. And since nothing gives me greater pleasure then to teach what I’ve learned, I’ve become an effective communicator, story-teller, and masterful teacher. Therefore, it was a natural path for me to become an Inspirational Life Empowerment Coach as well as a Small Business Consultant, thus incorporating these two passions into my entrepreneurial adventures. What I’ve learned in life is that when you feel happy, the Universe synchronizes all the necessary people, places & things to bring to you whatever you desire. And that’s where I come in because my expertise is in helping you create a mindset that empowers you to where feeling happy becomes your natural state of being. You see, I’m here to empower the SuperWomen & SuperMen of the world who Want It All. So, if the idea of either starting a new business or tweaking the one you have is what you’re seeking and you feel a resonance with me, I invite you to schedule a call with me. Let’s chat for 15-minutes (or more) to stir up your creativity and inspiration. This is at no charge & no strings attached (meaning no sales pitch)… just a conversation… you & me on the phone talking about what’s on your mind (even if it’s not business-related). I don’t bite; I’m quite friendly. And who knows, we might either get you solidly focused on the entrepreneurial path you’ve always dreamed of… or perhaps our conversation could evolve into some other new & wonderful adventure. Reach out to me at Wendy@WendyDillard.com and let’s get the ball rolling. Other ways you can engage with me:

Websites: www.WendyDillard.com

and www.ThinkWealthyToBeWealthy.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiveYourDestinywithWendyDillard


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