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Kayla Leung “Anything Is Possible” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #1257

September 13, 2017

Kayla Leung

Kayla is an Access Consciousness™ Certified Facilitator, a psychotherapist-in-training, a coach, an energy and body-worker, a writer, a business consultant, an entrepreneur, an editor, an artist, a musician, a stylist, a yoga teacher, and more! "I don’t even know how much school and training I’ve been through and the number of certificates I have. What I DO know is, I am a Seeker in life and I am here to contribute whatever I can to be the change the world requires. We all have the capacity to be the change that inspires all the people around you, and the bad news is, it is as easy as a choice. Do you choose to have ease, joy and glory in your life? Or do you choose a limiting life where you can only choose from what you or others have decided what you can choose from? Are you willing to choose to have fun, play, create and generate YOUR life and living? And what contribution can I be to you and your life?" Go here for more!

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