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Betsy McLoughlin “Magic” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #1154


Betsy McLoughlin Betsy McLoughlin is an international #1 Best-Selling Author, a Radio Show Host and a Certified Facilitator. She is a Transformational Coach, a Body Process Facilitator®, Right Body for You® Taster Facilitator and so much more! Her vibrant personality is the space of no judgment and is the catalyst for quicker success and happiness for her clients. This creator of magnitude has been featured on The Ask BonBon TV Show, numerous radio shows and tele-summits. The radio show Betsy co-hosts, Imperfect Brilliance can be found on YouTube. Betsy is also a magical Realtor® who creates ease for her clients. Her calm demeanor, willingness to ask questions outside the box and look for what else is possible creates more opportunities for her clients.

Betsy would love to create new possibilities with you. Are you ready? You can email her at Check out her websites at and


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