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About The Erica Glessing Show & Erica Glessing

Erica Glessing believes your podcast is your voiceprint, like a thumbprint, and when you tell your story, you change the world.

Self-expression is Erica's core strength as she works with authors, lightworkers, future podcasters (she creatively produces podcasts for others) and those who just desire a happier, more expressed way of being alive. She is a third generation publisher! 

The Erica Glessing Show was built to give voice to one inspiration or change each day for entrepreneurs, lightworkers, and people who desire to live a happier, more fulfilled life. Erica interviews a wild spectrum of talented guests who each bring a new perspective on how to change life for the better.

In its first year, the show received more than 200,000 listens! Each month more than 22,000 listens and thousands of unique downloads give wings to the guest's ideas, concepts, products and solutions to being an entrepreneur.

The audience is women and men (but mostly women) of all ages (but mostly 30-55) and from all over the globe (listeners are from more than 44 countries globally so far) although about 80% of the listens are in the USA.

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