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Molly Brandenburg “Letters from Bud D-Day 75 Commemoration” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #4011

June 6, 2019

Molly Brandenburg "Letters from Bud on the D-Day 75 Commemoration" on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #4011


Bud Brandenburg's daughter's love shines through this interview in honor of the 75th Anniversary of D-day on The Erica Glessing Show. Molly Brandenburg carefully went in and documented each letter and the stories that emerge are amazing.

What does it take to end the war?

“Letters From Bud” is the remarkable, first-hand account of the harrowing air war in Europe as told by WW2 flight navigator and bombardier John “Bud” Brandenburg, in his letters home during the conflict, from 1944-45. With guts, wit and grace, Brandenburg records his experiences with the daring “Koltun crew,” which flew 30 missions over Europe. Through numerous strokes of fate, the crew survived a run of missions with the “bloody” 492nd Bomb Group, a unit that endured an 80 percent casualty rate as the men faced down the seemingly unstoppable German Luftwaffe.

Brandenburg’s letters create a stirring picture of one young man’s experiences during the war, as he served with the US Army Air Corps in Europe and then navigated supply runs with the Air Transport Command in the exotic North African and Middle Eastern theaters. Re-edited for publication by his daughter Molly, Bud’s witty and often heartbreaking observations of life during the final, epoch-changing days of the war make for an unforgettable and highly adventurous read. for more!

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