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Gabrielle Lugo “Earth Healing: Healing You” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2005


Gabrielle Lugo

Gabrielle grew up in a sleepy Wisconsin town that time forgot. Surrounded by majestic trees, enchanting people and land that whispered to her, her love of the earth and its inhabitants began. With an active imagination and an openness in her being, the magic she created in her early years would be the spark for her love of writing as well as her healing work. Instead of attending a four-year university, Gabrielle embarked on what is now once again becoming the traditional route in education, learning and experiencing through one-on-one mentoring and through qualified programs, workshops and practicums that speak to one’s innate knowing and being. Gabrielle has studied with some of the most powerful, gentle, potent beings on the planet in one-on-one mentoring, through massage school and other body and energy language studies such as Reiki, Somatics, and Access Consciousness, and earth schools where she has learned to walk and communicate with earth and spirit energy with such programs as Walking the Medicine Wheel, animal communication and Earth Magic. Gabrielle currently has a wellness business in Colorado where she offers private in-person and long-distance coaching and bodywork sessions. She also holds workshops and retreats where she invites people to remember, reconnect, and awaken to themselves, their path and abilities, and to the earth and her healing magic. Her passion is to assist in moving people out of the trauma and the stuckness of their lives and step into their power, creating a life that their heart knows is possible. If you would like to work with Gabrielle please contact her at and see her on And get her amazing #1 international bestselling book:



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