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Kim Coleman “Youthing vs. Aging” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #1021

January 21st, 2017

"I just invite the "Youth-ing" energy inside of my body." ~ Kim Coleman

Brilliant. Bold. Sassy. Classy. Exotic. Enchantress. Mother. Grandmother. It is always been Kims giggle and pleasure to spread gaggles of seeds of consciousness to those who are asking for it and choose it. For her that is her deal, it is beyond what Kim does, it is who she BE and how she shows up! Her own real life experiences enables her to pretty much be the space of no judgement with just about anyone and anything. Kim has been facilitating classes in awareness, consciousness, energy healing and body processes since the early 90's with a list as long as yer arm. In 2004 she added Life Coach training with Coaches Training Institute (CTI) to her magic bag as well as Access Consciousness in 2011. Kim...being Kim. And that is what is fun for her! Being way too much for this reality and not fitting in are simply the norm for her. Are you ready for something totally different?

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