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Katia Cooper “An Elf’s Journey: Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #1128

May 7th, 2017

Katia Cooper's childhood was not like other girls in her school. Her innocence was taken from her, and she writes about it decades later -- healing came slowly -- and the healing prevails.

Today is the book launch of Katia Cooper's new book "An Elf's Journey: Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse." Katia Cooper's An Elf's Journey is a tender story about an endearing elf who carried a heavy burden of shame that didn't belong to her. As this precious elf's buried memories and blocked emotions are stirred, she finds support from wise creatures in the fairy realm. Her enlightened Fairapist, Fae, encourages Elf to express her painful truth, recognize her gifts, and value her Wise Self.

Here's the book link, and you might desire to buy it for a friend, or someone who needs help healing:



In recognition of the healing Katia chose, and the healing of all of those who have experienced abuse, Happy Publishing presents a COMPLETELY FREE GIFT KINDLE download of this amazing book TODAY and on MAY 8! "A New Day Dawns: Breaking up with Abuse": q?_encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B01


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