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Brittany Rogozinski “Rogue Wild One” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #1027

January 27th, 2017

"It's really just listening and having faith that your body is giving you the right messages... maybe you do require sugar and caffeine one day and the next day you require a salad... and not having any judgment on what it is!!" ~ Brittany Rogozinski

Fresh Friday Spotlight: Brittany Rogozinski

Brittany Rogozinski has always been a creator of magnitude. From as long as she can remember things would coincidentally happen to her. From a young age she was labeled as the bad child. Growing up obese & teased, she was excluded by her family and peers. Born & raised in bethel park, pa, a suburb of Pittsburgh she took up medical management & used it in the weight loss field. She since has went on to become an access bars practitioner & facilitator & practices out of the Pittsburgh, PA area. She enjoys writing, poetry, graphic design and exercise in her spare time. Her target is to always live in the present.

Brittany is about to become a published author so stay tuned and we'll update with her new book's website at book launch!


Today the book "The Energy of Receiving" is yours, free!



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